Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Better Strategy of Escape From a TI Prison

Covert warfare against often hapless, sometimes unwitting Individuals knows a spiritual dimension. The elite who wage this war globally understand spirits that dwell within the bodies of interest to them are powerful beyond measure and have the potential to retaliate with far reaching consequences when the life of the vessel within which they dwell is prematurely terminated hence, unless it is deemed absolutely necessary, Targeted Individuals are never killed but incapacitated enough to prevent them doing that which the elite fear them for. They are kept in virtual prisons using their very bodies as the cells that hold them in one place ... until their natural life runs out.

Most Ti's I know have this belief an overnight away from home at a motel, camping, friend or relative's place is their best bet of getting relief from electromagnetic torture. What I know from experience is this, that, unless you are not tagged (RFID) and you know how to shake your perps off your trail, nothing could be further from the truth than this.

I was of this belief in the early stages of my targeting. I discovered the hard way that you are better off shielding up at home ... rather than playing hide and seek with a virtual army at your heels, an army versed in as much the hide as seek aspect of this game.

The speed at which they will discover your hiding place will range from instantaneously to, maybe, the time it takes you to go up the flight of stairs leading up to your room ...

Frankly, only when your "hide" is made in a location that happens to be a different handler jurisdiction area will you get what is sometimes referred to as a grace period that lasts from a few hours to half a day or much more in some instances.

But, for the most part, expect perps to surreptitiously walk, drive, cycle or fly with you to the hotel or motel. They may chose to stay behind and merely alert perps local to the motel, hotel or locale you go to of your presence there, including what therapy you are on.

The money you spend travelling or use to pay for lodging is better spent increasing Faraday cage layers and/or getting you some body armour for when you are not inside the cage, etc., at home. Relief from attacks is a must but only by shielding up do you assure yourself the hours of relief you require each day to stay well enough to function properly and be in state to outrun those who pursue you, or at least make things as hard as will add a few white hairs to their inbred scalps.

I am currently working on portable defences so that I retain the freedom to move away from the defended bastion in my home without over-exposing myself to harm while so doing ... This has to be the next step in this process for me.

As is usually the case when your defences against directed energies get better, and you start escaping the worst directed energy fire can cause, the perps try to make up for this when you emerge from the protected zone which could also lead to an increase of directed energy attack intensity to levels that can well be lethal when you are most vulnerable. Access to effective shields you can wear under your clothes that do a significant percentage of the shielding that your night shield provides frustrates them in these efforts while also increasing the freedom you enjoy and also the likelihood you will one day escape from the confines the vermin want to bring to bear on you on a lifelong basis.

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

How My Experience of Social Networking on the Internet Could Open Your Eye

My current favourite profile picture on FB and other social networking sites

I have always wanted to have a personality page on FB or any other social networking site. There are a lot of benefits to that for me and those I slave for ... YOU.

Issue is, I currently reside in Africa where, due to some diabolical collusion of companies that deal in information via data ferrying with devilish types, the internet is only freely and abundantly accessible to the rich.

Frequent and abundant use of it is a sign of wealth or a status symbol.

That means it is expensive and I cannot afford to get freely on this information resource place that most world governments made free apart from what you buy on it.

Now, let's get one thing strait here ... The so called internet or information resource is advertiser run, after all. So why is it expensive in Africa? Why is the free variant of the internet here a waste of time?

Collusion of the greedy and cruel that has nothing to do with how much in subsidies African governments can invest in making the internet freely available except what you give to advertisers yourself ...

I cannot have a personality page as a result of this. The best bet I have of being heard widely is sneaking up and down pages and groups without breaking the rules, which is what I am constantly doing.

But why do I want to be heard so much I have to make a 100 posts to my timeline and to groups and group posts every day or, better yet, do I have something to say that others do not?

The answer to that is actually a long story that is still ongoing as we speak whereby I am having to do amazing stunts to work and put food on my table while writing pristine coherent articles on the fly with all the stressing about imperfect perfection that goes with it.

It starts off with Bulletin Boards (BB), going up to Forums and other old school Social Networking methods ...

I had my own social networking site set up in the late nineties already but due to back-door undermining moves, my BB located at was taken down. Not by hacking my friend. They just forced the domain name from me when they saw the chance.

They bought the domain name before it had expired, before the owner could claim it back. And I could not claim it back no matter how hard I tried, whether I went on all fours and screamed from my rear end ...

Not speaking of which or is it?

But I, eternally looking high and higher, refused to stress it. I picked myself up, packed my bags and started off for other BB's.

Right before my third domain name was taken away from me under similar circumstances, just like two ads were taken down recently, I went all out on BB's and Forums and realised as I went along that I was getting a disproportionately high number of viewers and responses compared to others.

Starting off at going to The Black World Today ( where I posed for almost the entire duration of the forum as Thunder, to MentaClara and then settling for a decade after that as Toloane ... meeting up with co-founder of the Matah Network Kenneth Bridges who, later, shortly after I made contact and got his email address (housefly @ something wink wink good memory), got shot dead (assassinated) outside a filling station ... to Black Net Village (, while running about making accounts at others such as youtube, Assata Shakur Forums with the same alias, reception was the same.

Soon enough things started happening pointing the finger of who caused it at me and some people actually pointed directly at me (one poster alluded to me as having attracted the "political types" to the forum) and intimated they wanted me gone ...

Stooges? Some of them but not the political-types-commenting South African guy at the most popular South African forum of the early millenium years ... But wait ... There is more ...

Cut a long story short to tell the more ... Entire forums got shut down when I posted stuff that I knew would hit a raw nerve, some of the very first BB's never making a comeback while others did counter intuitive stuff that stopped them being attractive social networking sites.

Talk about shooting self in the foot with this ...

Good example comes to mind ...A decade ago a mega site colourful networking dot co dot uk got taken down by hackers then recovered then was taken down again shortly after they published and featured my piece "Pan-Africa Now or Perish", after which they wanted nothing to do with part 2 of the article.

I almost got sued by a generational relative of Gordon Guggisberg quoted in the piece even when it is hard to see the defamatory factor in that quote.

Now we are up on Super Mega Sites that seem indestructible with all manner of people going by the same name Algorithm sitting in different locations globally, tuning into "select" people's posts and adjusting the code to fit, while AI does the business end of it ... and I know people want to hear me talk like they did before and I got stuff to say so I say it and I reach out to as many people as I can, the best way I can, ensuring I obey the rules completely as I go along ...

Not that this has saved anybody except extreme right wingers but then, I am happy with the limited protection this gives me. Better that than nothing.

Good people are legion, they We are many, we don't forget and we don't forgive and the system should expect us ... so you never know when the proof will be useful.

I need that proof of foul play to take with me wherever this will lead, till death do us part ... Like it does all of us in the end, right?

Before leaving you this time around, let me share some food for thought ...

The majority of those under attack by the system (not the sheeple) have family health histories very similar to the paedophiles so while it is easier to narrow down the count in the search for who the guilty are in fact, it is also easy pointing the finger at someone who naturally resists deliberate physical contamination via chemtrails, Monsato, directed energies and such which is why they are under attack and have been under attack since the system stultified back when Ancient Greece colonised Ancient Egypt ... When a small group of human beings turned into monsters so destructive they endangered the whole species.

I mean, from microbes that make the majority of the poor in Africa smell like they are rotting through the noses (... no pun intended ... meaning their brains are rotting and ineffective at thought and comprehension if you are one of those who think all can be soldiers as opposed to a critical number) to the west where intelligence rises so early in life, so high and steeply it misses the point before inevitably stalling and falling back faster than it rose (no pun intended) in all manner of conditions that destroy mental clarity ... making them as sheeple as the previous group, and you have a group that is running this and not getting affected otherwise they would not run stuff, you get it?

Not talking about the group who share the name Algorithm who are all kept flying as high and above the point as makes them ghosts in life ... through generations.

It is very complicated people but the way out is written in the very complexity. They cannot prevail because they are sickos. Sickos through the ages who have their day coming and it could be now. And if they do manage to hijack it this time around then let it be known there is no better reason every sporting event like a boxing match has rounds than that the competing parties get to voluntarily take their own selves back in there 4 more. Lol.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A group made in heaven.

Artist's impression of a Chaka Warrior

Southern Africa would be a totally different place had the Chaka not stood like a wall between Africans and the colonial forces. It is with this in mind that I find it sad that my people felt it was best to obliterate the history of my Grandfather, a Chaka warrior, from the group because he did not deserve it. He was the good guys, being of Chaka extract.

This fact does not require proving ...

King Leopold of the Congo who, I read someplace, was a Freemason, like Cecil Rhodes, came to the Congo with but one objective: to get rid of a gene.

It had by that time been ascertained that Ancient Egyptians, the REAL ones I mean ... not some masquerade of them, had in fact fled into the jungle. King Leopold was the successors of the Greek masquerade of ancient Egypt's answer to the question of what to do with Ancient Egyptians so that their legacy could be appropriated completely.

Leopold's task was simple: to kill as many of those who lived in the jungle as would virtually obliterate the original Ancient Egyptian gene pool.

And he did manage to get rid of close to ten million (10,000,000) people.

The Chaka were there while all this was happening ... In fact THEY were the target but then a sitting duck target because they were spent ... wasted ... defiled ... They had done much but the enemy was mighty the much they had done had taken a toll on them.

They could no longer fight militarily.

But they pulled off one of those hidden and not known about but major human achievements despite all this ... managing to make the opposition aide its own defeat. They "teleported" a gene from one population into another, going the reverse direction geographically: the direction from which they entered the jungle.

Isolated Chaka migrants in far flung regions of the continent also followed the example from the center.

King Leopold of the Congo

They did this in front of that fool, history's mass murderer, probably smoking some pipe and putting on airs of wisdom but, just another brainwashed brain dead idiot or some kind of normal looking down.

It all took time to accomplish but, eventually, the west did realise they had been had ... dribbled.

How did they do this gene teleportation thing? Let me explain ...

Every group is holistic. There is a specialisation that gives specific skills unto each one of us and when they combine ... society can do much more than it otherwise would if everybody was the same. Society becomes more powerful, more viable in nature.

The Chaka understood this. They understood it so well they were what they were because of this understanding. But now they were going to task this knowledge to fight a real life war.

If you have heard of the African musical gene, then you probably have also heard that this gene has preponderance in the Congo or Zaire. It is this same gene that found its way to the Americas via the transatlantic chattel slave trade.

The music the gene puts out is similar, and so are the dance routines, and it has no equal where appeal is concerned. It is a global music form as we speak.

But the gene is in people, and those people have lives and lifestyles which are, in this case, the lives of musicians.

You know they are mostly males and when on tour, when not performing, their game is knocking booty off of somebody.

The Chaka exported these artists north of where the carnage was taking place, smuggled so many of them it did not take a very long time before the gene was fully established where King Leopold had not thought to eradicate a mouse. The Congo or BaKongo were not known to have been a musical magicians prior to the Chaka invasion.

King Leopold and his masquerading bosses had the ball passed right between their legs.

It may be argued by some that what I talk about here was natural. Wars cause flight. fleeing people seek refuge and, being just people, they end up doing in their new communities what they would do anywhere else.

But I am working with clues that say very clearly that this is what actually happened, putting them side by side with evidence that also clearly states such highly advanced thought was there, not just potential.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Deeping your head in the esoteric may set you free

Diana Princes of Whales

When Afeni made the choice to have Tupac cremated, she was not following religious dictates. She was not thinking of the environment and she definitely was not occupied with beauty defiled. She was not reacting in anger or expressing it nor was she expressing indignation at an unjust killing. I think Afeni was highly esoteric. She understood that Tupac was her biological son, and his father's biological son, but the spirit that dwelled within his physical entity was not a generation of her genes, nor was it his father's.

Tupac was a free spirit and Afeni Shakur may very well have been a free spirit as well but, in most likelihood, Tupac's "biological" spirit's physical body was of a man who passed away very close to where he was when he was developing in his mother's womb. He may have been a member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

Whoever he was, Tupac's physical body may have ended up resembling him more than he did his own biological parents, and this spirit was unhappy with life on earth and wanted out. He wanted freedom ... and Afeni understood the best bet of giving him that freedom here and now was to obliterate the only thing familiar to a roaming spirit with the power to curb the freedom and keep any spirit in place ... and keep it coming back (reincarnation) to the torment it detests ... the torment that makes it so unhappy, so yearnful for freedom.

To get a glimpse of the truth in this, of the lure of a familiar body to the spirit that dwelled within it before and the possibility of imprisonment in the vicinity of that body, one has to look at the life of another spirit that was yearnful of freedom and take special note of an occult ritual performed on her body after she passed to imprison her spirit. Here I am thinking of non other than Diana, Princess of whales the city, not the species.

Four swans swim near where her physical remains rest and they are not there for decoration.

Only deeping your head in the esoteric will set you free.

Friday, 21 July 2017

I am Raising Funds for the 2nd Installment of the Book Hosted Here

GoFundMe Laptop and Signal Jammer

If you have bought and read the book hosted here, ie. "Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare", then you know that the bulk of it remains relevant today, 10 years after its first publication.

There are chapters, however, that could do not so much with updating but elaboration and a bit more of delving into details of why this works and that doesn't ... while others need updating especially since some technologies have moved on and methods improved.

New foes have entered the playing field and they need to be dealt with so that targets are made aware of why the developments happened and why.

Then there are those things I simply did not know at the time I wrote the first book. This, and much more, is what the second instalment is about. Bulkier than the first book (almost twice as long), it will simply be called "Coherent Madness II" and will also be hosted on this blog.

There is still some way, quite a bit of work to do making it ready for the public. The manuscript is on disk and much of the work that will enable me to complete the remaining task as expeditiously as will make it compete on the market and offer the target the best that is out there in relation to self defense is ... you guessed it ... a laptop or even desktop.

Then there is also the need to retain my brains submerged in just their natural fluids so that the build up of toxins in its environment as a result of exposure to inordinate radio frequencies is minimised ... and I have found from testimonies by many targeted individuals that signal jammers help tremendously. I will work inside a faraday cage as per standard procedure but this is just half the solution.

I am therefore requesting from the TI community worldwide contributions to the acquisition of these two implements and have started a GoFundMe campaign to this end ... the link to which is at the top of this post.

This posting will also be made permanent in the right hand link column so that visitors will see it as the main post scrolls out of sight after newer posts have taken top position.

Thanking my fellow TI's and friends of our group who will donate in advance. My record speaks for itself and my avid readers know this is not some attempt to just make money. I should have made a lot of money from just the first instalment of this book but ... You know why I am still broke. THEY are busy ...

I do not need to tell you that as well.

I have plans to offer a free shortened PDF version of this book to our friends without the means to buy a paperback (you know how it is with our lot) and hope this fundraiser kicks off quickly so that this is reality.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Miscelaneous Posts to my Facebook Timelineé_1950.png

And I know many people are of the belief I am too philanthropic, for my own good even, but, for me, the point has been reached where it is very clear to me I am not walking off free until a critical number of you are also freed, and my seemingly large, bloated heart efforts is just me ensuring the confusion that keeps the best among you from using your impressive skills to set yourselves free is straitened out to the point I feel I will have you as well to count on for a successful freedom fight/battle or war.

And I could do it all myself if it was possible but it is not ... hence let's start from the basics. Get the bio-entity defending bit correct. The weapons they are using to keep you down are made by people like you ... by human beings and can be understood, replicated and, if you are forced to fight on the defensive, can be outwitted foiled and defeated. Have this thought on your mind each time you tackle the issue of prioritizing defense first as the first step to the long journey to freedom. Defend yourself from the primary weapons being used to confuse and destroy you that are generally kinetic weapons.

Once you get the defending bit correct, take your skipping rope out and train yourself. Go out jogging, shadow box, do yoga, check and train your reflexes, get on beer and off it, train and watch what you eat then don't care, and so on. Train yourself for encounters that will require you are flexible, speculative, spontaneous, able to multitask, have good memory and preserve strength and endurance, etc. Etc.

Onward towards victory comrades ...

What is all the fuss about the second coming, you ask? It's allegory at it's best.

Men come twice during their life times. This is a known fact. The trajectory of growth of men is differnt from women. Men grow up twice in their lives.

It first happens in their mid twenties to early thirties (Thomas Sankara or Tupac (even Jesus) came full blast in these years) or in their middle ages (40's to 50's).

The system we live in has this knowledge which is why they kill "The Sent (true revolutionaries)", those who can make a difference, at their first coming or get them before they come a second, thunderous and unstoppable time (remember Micheal Jackson and Prince. Not true revolutionaries but what they were going to do if they came a second time was way beyond anything we have been exposed to).

Stupid system trembled at the knees at the thought of what human expectations would become once these men came the second time and got rid of them.

Do you understand?

Don't get fooled, people. Pervs are deceitful b*stards who rely on deceit or your ignorance to get their attacks to work on you. They will go to any lengths to keep the truth concealed from you if it makes what they are doing to you work. If you shut them out with a faraday cage made of a meter thick sheet of copper and they reach you within using ultrasonic blasts ... the last thing they will have you know is that their RF weapons are completely and absolutely disabled by your massive shield ... from scalar to nutrino to everything else, by letting you in on the little secret they actually only reached you within the faraday cage using ulltrasonics (sound waves) because they know you will start looking for rubber and will be well on your way to blocking them out completely. They will want you deceived they have the ultimate get-through-everything weapon (even though the copper in the emitter is producing and directing or handling the beam they want to claim cannot be stopped by anything) and you are better off taking down your massive copper faraday cage shield. You get me?

Rule one is this, that some protection is better than no protection at all ... you are supposed to build on from here to complete invincibility and freedom, you know?

As an aside, a faraday cage made of copper with walls 1 meter thick would not just keep you very safe from radio frequencies but I do not see how sound frequencies can get through so much material of a metalic nature. I think that inside such a shield you will be the safest person on earth from the worst of directed energy emmissions that kinetic weapons can generate.

Here is a youtube video showing a lady, that happens to be a doctor, recording attacks experienced within a faraday cage. Now, here's what I think is the matter and I say this while taking it for granted the faraday cage is OK.

Is there a lead from outside to the laptop or computer through the faraday cage wall? If so then they are shoving the attacks through there. She needs to know of measures to block transmission of waves through power or data cables from the outside to equipment within a faraday cage and apply these.

Also, it may be that she may not have a connection to the outside but there is a tiny program on her disk that runs and creates directed energy beams of a high intensity using the computer's hardware as soon as a sensor scanning for signal interference kicks it in.

Donny Davis > Mark Passio Discussion Group -
Public, Uncensored and NOT Masonic
People's beliefs create their reality. Anyone ever
examine the beliefs of freemasons, and how
their beliefs affect everyone else's reality? Their
beliefs include:
(1) matter is limited. Nothing can be created or
destroyed. So you gain something if you take
something away from another person.
(2) life operates on a social hiearchy. So your
goal should be to get on top.
(3) knowledge is power. So, try to get as much
occult knowledge as you can for yourself, while
keeping it from others. As it can be used to
your advantage.
(4) certain bloodlines are superior and should
be on top of the hiearchy. Your goal should be
to marry or get in these bloodlines.
(5) eugenics is a must. If there's less people,
then there's more matter/wealth for yourself.
And they're lower in the hiearchy anyways, so
their lives don't matter
(6) Jews are superior to whites. Whites are
superior to asians/indians/latinos. Asians/
indians/latinos are superior to blacks. Men are
superior to women. The races and sexes aren't
created equal. Meet exclusively with your own
sex/race, only intermixing the lodges when you
need to work together. Kiss ass accordingly.
Meet exclusively within your own rank. Be OK
with your rank, even if it's low.
So what if we examined and changed these core
beliefs? How would this manifest in our reality?
What if we believed:
(1) matter is unlimited. Nature regenerates
itself. Our 'limited' dimension was created and
is connected to other dimensions which are
(2) life doesn't have to operate on a social
hiearchy. You can be an individual and thrive.
(3) knowledge is power. If you give this
knowledge to others, they may use it in a
positive way to make your reality better.
(4) all beings have the ability to imagine their
reality and have equal rights. No bloodline is
better than other bloodlines.
(5) eugenics isn't necessary. If private property
rights are maintained, people will naturally
limit their reproduction to keep their quality of
life via the rate of nature's regeneration.
(6) every race and sex has unique values to
offer, and can all voluntarily work together to
create an amazing reality
If our world-view and beliefs changed, especially
in organized esoteric groups, perhaps more of
these positive beliefs would become a bigger
part of our reality. Science would instead
promote healing and longer lives rather than
profit/depopulation/deception. Our experts
would focus on gaining knowledge to enhance
natures' natural regeneration. Certain races
wouldn't literally exterminate themselves and
their culture after they follow orders in lodges
taken over by a 'superior' race. Women would be
treated as equals in organizations rather than
garbage after freemasons learn this MGTOW-crap
belief system. Finally, maybe knowledge of
human origins would be learned rather than
suppressed, and we would become more than

All I can say to this is "Wow!" The problem, however, is that superior rationalization cannot impinge the hopelessly brainwashed  matter between the ears of freemasons but not to worry. Let us skirt clear of their evil teachings and adopt superior reasoning for our benefit because we have a system to crush and a better world to build ...

Those of you thinking freemasons may have a point consider the possibility their aspiring to mix in with superior genes may in fact result in making those genes second rate if h the freemason's genes are rubbish. And here I was almost giving the freemasons some benefit of the doubt but this post just makes them appear to be brain dead imbeciles who run stuff. Not good. They should go.

The same with all the rest of the stuff they do ... when the options are considered the beliefs guiding their conduct mark them out as a bunch that is nothing but utter RUBBISH!
The conscious, those among us who know what is going on because they know the ways of the current system/culture and understand why it does what it does know Bill Gates crossed over. He is one of them now (the global pedofile elite) and, actually beating them at a lot of the evil they perpetrate internationally. I do not need to place links to stuff he did that proves this. Anything he did of late if you just google "Bill Gates" is in support of what the conscious are aware are schemes to defile the human gene pool, sicken people rather than heal them and commit genocide.

That's why I got concerned when I learnt his wife Melinda is behind this Summit that happened just yesterday. I smelt a rat and it didn't take a lot of thought for me to detect that rat in the works.

Think about this. A lot of money is going into the development and production of these pills, right? The target market comprises over a quarter of a billion women in the third world. We are talking here of women in regions with the lowest population densities on planet earth where repopulation is imperative, after the genocidal ravages of western imperialissm in the form of colonialization and slavery.

Melinda's movement has already reached 30. 000, 000 (thirty million) of these women in the third world  according to coordinators of this program.

The money needed to make women in the third world accept the pills big pharma will deliver is immense considering the hurdles that have to be crossed.  Ignorance is rife and awareness campaigns of this very effective pill alternative to beliefs concerning contraception have to be massive to have an impact on people living in some of the remotest and backward regions on planet earth.

Lots and lots of money.

Question here is simple, and it runs ... why can't they dish that money out on making these women afford to raise healthy women? It does not take much to see into maturity the average African baby girl or boy in a rural agricultural area. Tools implements and fertilizers plus a local tractor and borehole and you have a huge underpopulated region healthy and en route to repopulation, no? With enough yellow, pink, brown and black booty women to go around.

Now do not get this twisted. This is not a pro-choice argument but one about twisted priorities. Why should the termination of pregnancy and the female child be considered more important than making people able to take care of children if they want them, including all the other major benefits that come from this ... such as repopulation, self reliance, healthy population, better corporate well-being, and so on and so forth?.

This thing that Melinda person is championing stinks to high heaven of a genocidal intention ... do you also smell that sh*t?

The Terminator Janez thing just got his pay for the Philando Castille termination mission, albeit under a disguise (discharge transfer dismissal whatever fee).

Bottom line is he got paid $48,500 (Forty Eight Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars).

Now, pay attention ... There are two other things happening here apart from the disguise that I will mention below

1. The pay is being done very publicly. It is headline news, right?

2. There is the undeniable INCENTIVE function of the payment.

Let's start off explaining the function of each of these starting from the disguise.

The disguise (in the form of some apologetic statement explaining why he had to get paid so much ... as in it's a payment for transfer or something like that) is intended to get the critically minded, those of us who know the difference between right and wrong, off balance, and hopefully distracted from the truth.

The publicity of the payment, on the other hand, serves both as an effective means of reaching a broad audience increasing the likelihood that it serves as an INCENTIVE for zombie types to take on the terminator calling/role and it is also a way the shadow figures running the system, the globalists, the pedofiles, reassure members, affiliates, workers, and others that they are still in control ... they are saying by this very public, headline announcement that they are unruffled by the critique, condemnation, contempt, scandal and controversy this has raised from conscious circles. They are saying there is no problem at Houston. The mission is still on track ...

Hope you get it my brother and sister ...

Just learnt something new today ... The hard way.

I have two phones. I can only use one to access the web directly because the other phone, a BB, is locked to a UK network. I tether the BB to the Android to access the net most of the time because it has a larger screen that also has a richer display quality.

I have had files going missing or deleting "gradually" on my memory cards. By deleting gradually I mean that the file disappears gradually from memory, by first depleting to 0 bytes, lingering in memory as an unusable but visible 0 byte file, and then disappearing completely.

Only today did I try to test out the thought whoever is deleting my files is not doing this by connecting directly to the phone as the belief goes, that only by removing the battery if there is no internal battery active to enable remote operation can this be foiled and valuable files protected. The other option is to place the phone in a faraday cage.

You see, files on the locked BB are not being deleted even when it stays on forever, meaning the battery pull thingy is not at issue here. Nobody is connecting to this phone any other high tech way, obviously.

To test if I was right, I copied music files from the BB to the Android, the phone that connects to the net, using bluetooth, and then removed the memory card and placed it in an mp3 player.

I pressed the play button and soon realised that two files had already been deleted and when I placed the card in the BB I saw that the deleted files, still visible but with just 0 bytes each, were the first I transmitted or copied via bluetooth. This led to the conclusion the deletion is going from oldest to newest ... It is a slow process too.

I removed the sim card from the droid, turned it on and  inserted the memory card again then repeated the file transfer operation  using bluetooth. I copied about the same number of files as before then removed the card and placed it in the player. This time non of the files had been deleted or depleted to 0 bytes. Set the mp3 player on continuous play and, apart from weird skips targeting specific artists, the files remained intact.

Conclusion ... Files on my memory card are being deleted and it is deliberate. They are only deleting when I place the memory card containing the files on the Android phone. The manner the phone is being accessed is through its radio. The BB's radio is not connecting to the network in a manner that allows data to be transferred or data within the phone to be accessed and manipulated (just an SOS connection) which is the reason files on it are safe as long as the memory card remains in it. Now, this access method may be unique to me but just so you know ... we may just be onto a truth and maybe even a tech weakness and vulnerability, maybe even a failsafe way of protecting valuable data on a memory card inserted in a phone or preventing the pedofile fool from eavesdropping on you and such.

Just remove the SIM card.

As a stranger to the culture  walking through downtown Lusaka, you will be excused for thinking  traders/vendors are in fact beggars with an excuse, moreso if you come from an affluent clime. Over time, you will realise that street vending is serious business. It is the main way a significant portion of the population put bread on their tables, pay their bills and manage much more than you suspect. In a land witthout a social security net, vending rescues many from what would otherwise be extreme poverty, maybe even starvation.

Vending thrives in a less organized society because it fills in on what is unavailable or negleted by higher authority. For instance, vendors bring necesities near people so they do not need to cross the city to get them. Vendors are good at positioning themselves at locations that enable their customers to save on their time. With their ware displayed for all to see, they also serve as useful reminders for the busy citizenry of what they need or will need to buy.

But for all of the usefulness, vendors levy a toll on the corporate well-being of society by raising the cost of essentials bought at local retail outlets, especially when their craft improves to the point they corner the market, deplete supplies in the available outlets and collude on profit margins.

This is exactly what has happened in Zambia where farm produce, for instance eggs, where the rush to rear layers has produced an overabundance of egg farmers that should have benefited the citizenry greatly by reducing prices of eggs, had it not been for the vendor middleman that depletes stocks but delivers to local areas while looking for their cut in the deal. Like mobile networks that unnecesarily overcharge customers when they detect an expensive phone,  such as a blackberry that gets shut out of data networks until the customer has negotiated a data plan, vendors also change prices depending on how the person in front of them looks or is dressed or the neighborhood they are selling in.

Life in Africa is expensive enough considering the funds available to governments for subsidizing, and it is counterintuitive on this level to let this situation go on unchecked.

I am not advocating for a society that does away with vendors altogether, but that there should be strict price controls, otherwise the government should take the initiative and cash in by stepping in as the just middleman making products available in communities nationwide.

Other than that, we should consider introducing a social welfare system.

We might lambast vendors but should not forget the causes of vending  and realize that helping out will make so much more better for us.

Word of caution for people experiencing directed energy and other forms of covert attack and torture planning on travel by plane ... Planes can be deadly for a travelling target especially when the trip has been predicted or the plans to travel are known about in advance, which is easy to do.

Board the vessel prepared for directed energy assaults that may even end up leading to your demise given the proximity  to your body of the attackers and also depending on what it is the trip is about. Issues sensitive to the program will attract killer attacks, obviously.

Once they know you are planning on boarding that flight they will pack it full to the brim with pervs sporting hand held directed energy devices. They may even violently drag some other passenger off to make room for a perv.

One thing you need to know is, because of the sensitive electronics on aeroplanes, and the fact pervs value their existences even though they are the most wrechid and useless out there, the majority of attacks on board planes are restricted to sonic weapons ... therefore wear good leather from top to bottom. Stitch a rubber vest to wear over a cotton vest and below your shirt, dress or whatever you don.

Wear a leather skirt or better yet a leather trousers because if they are frustrated reaching your heart and other chest organs they will go below ... to your rectum, causing stenches, your genitals, making you smell like you jacked off carelessly, your hip joints, giving you the funny step, or your knees, making you walk like you are high.

Anything to give the wrong impression to whoever you will hug or shake hands with when you land.

Also ... take with you a sheet of conducting material in your carry on, something the linked border police cannot jump on and claim looked like a bomb. A flatish wide metal plate or three inside a flat carry on that you can use as a back rest ... to protect your vital organs (most of those who attacked me were sitting behind me) just in case some handler gets desperate enough to command pervs to resort to radio frequencies and forego the danger they can interfere with the plane's electronics.

The days of laser weapons are with us people. There is no denying this fact. Militaries have long since put them onto satellites and drones and, where America is concerned or NATO, they are being used to micromanage world affairs. This means they are being used to clear the way for an eventuality in which America retains global hegemony. Yes! This means lots of targeted murders by satellite and drones and it is happening globally. There is use being made of pandemics and other diseases to explain away the deaths of a lot of people who are getting assassinated this way. Heart attacks and strokes are some of these. Directed energies can also cause semblances of a lot of diseases that people around will conclude caused someone to die and they include ebola and HIV/AIDS.

There is an even more sinister way these technologies are being used that include research into ways to manipulate the bio-organism. Watch the patents being filed by especially American inventors. A lot of people are being experimented upon to make most of them possible, without their consent. The lives of these people are being destroyed just so that some American scientists can boast internationally some announcement of a new way of doing one thing or a new contraption that does some other hi-tech thing.

Be prepared because you may be next.

You may end up on the elimination list for reasons you would not know about or they might pick you as a guinea pig to find out manners of tapping a mind the process of which turns you into a vegetable. Foil these demonic scientists. Help stop this trend by spreading the word and encouraging others to take to faraday cages.

Sleep in a faraday cage. Do not wait until you personally become a target before you start doing this. Start now!

A faraday cage around your sleeping space isn't unsightly. You can bring your girlfriend or boyfriend home and there are all manner of things you can say to explain this away, including sensitivity to electromagnetic smog, or mosquitoes if you live in the third world where a lot of these experiments are being conducted on people too superstitious to realize this. They'll be busy blaming strange things happening around them and to people as witchcraft and such.

If you are experiencing heating up of the back of your head and upper back around and below the neck especially at times when you take meals ... then welcome to the victims of directed energy assaults by drone and satellite club. These particular attacks can be done by perps as well if you live in a high rise and have neighbors above you but it is usually by drone or satellite.

The reason they strike you in that part of your body is because they are trying to use the softest path to your internal, vital organs. The trajectory actually bypasses the collar bone into the chest and the back of your head merely gets in the way given you are moving about.

If you are experiencing these attacks then they are attempting to wither you down by cooking the organs that sustain you in life ... the organs you use to breath (lungs) and circulate blood (heart) and absorb nutrients (stomach) etc. The beam used in these attacks does penetrate down to your abdomen even. Such attacks can sometimes be launched through your nether region when you are prone and they will go right up to the chest.

Just so you know.

Best defense, of course, is a faraday cage enclosure. Observe that targets being subjected to the attack will have the size of the neck reduced in comparison to older pictures and their head will hang at an odd angle.